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Integrated Technology

21st Century Curriculum
  • Immaculate students are required to take four years of computer science and can pursue advanced topics in computer science as well.
  • Freshmen are immersed in the use of Google Apps software -- documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, forms, drawings.  To develop teamwork,  the students collaborate on projects.  
  • Sophomores continue to use and develop new skills with Google Apps. The work is more rigorous.  It includes preparing extensive web sites, blogs, use of videos.
  • Juniors learn the history and basics of video and still photography. Students prepare videos with “flip” cameras, edit videos with desktop software.  Still photography is given the same level of attention: students take photos, edit  and enhance them using Photoshop software.
  • Seniors prepare a senior project, college admissions documents and “blog” the results.
  • Elective -- 21st Century Computing:  Students with a deep interest in computing are given challenging assignments in web design, programming and video editing.
  • Immaculate continues to teach the use of traditional workplace software, like Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop, but it has taken a backseat to the Google software.

Three Computing Centers

  • ComputerLab.  Equipped up with Windows-based computers, supplemented with Chromebooks. The Computer Lab serves as the primary center for all technology classes, equipped with a large projection screen for easy to follow guidance from teachers. 
  • The Seminar Room is a conference room, used for meetings, as well as classes and is Chromebook equipped.  
  • The Library Media Center is equipped with both Windows based computers and Chromebooks.  This beautiful room is designed to encourage both reading and computing. It is also used for a variety of classes, including Creative Writing, Mathematics and Science.
Integrated Technology in the Classroom
  • Technology is a real world skill that our students will need to be comfortable with using after Immaculate as such teachers encourage and implement technological lessons and work within the scope of the curriculum.