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Attention all 8th Graders...Open House events will be hosted by Immaculate Conception High School on Thursday October 3rd at 6pm and Sunday October 27th at 1pm...For more information please contact Ms. Sanchez at 973-744-7445 ext 24.
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Academic Program

Freshman Year                                         
Required Curriculum:                                     
Algebra I (Honors or College Prep)                              
Biology (Honors or College Prep)                                          
English I (Honors or College Prep)
World History 
Religion I
Spanish I
Freshmen Cycle (Geography, Music, Technology, Public Speaking)
Physical Education/Health I
Sophomore Year
Required Curriculum:
Geometry (Honors or College Prep)
Chemistry (Honors or College Prep)
English II (Honors or College Prep)
U.S. History I
Spanish I
Religion II
Sophomore Cycle (Creative Writing, Technology, Choir, Life and Study Skills)
Physical Education/Driver's Education
Junior Year
Required Curriculum:
Algebra II (Honors or College Prep)
Physics (Honors or College Prep)
English III (Honors or College Prep)
U.S. History II
Religion III
SAT Math/English
Spanish II
Physical Education/Driver's Education
Senior Year
Required Curriculum:
Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus Honors, AP Calculus
English IV (Honors or College Prep)
US History III or AP US History
Religion IV
Physical Education/Health IV
Personal Finance
+25 Electives
Advanced Choir
Advanced Choir II
Advanced Public Speaking
Advanced Video Production
Italian I