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Academic Program

Grade 9:
English I CP or Honors
Religion I
Algebra I  CP or Honors
World History
Biology  CP or Honors
Spanish I
Physical Education/Health 
Cycle (Life and Study Skills, Music, Engineering)
Grade 10:
English II  CP or Honors
Religion II
Geometry  CP or Honors
U.S. History I
Chemistry  CP or Honors
Physical Education/Driver’s Ed
Spanish II
Cycle II (African American History and Criminal Justice)
Grade 11:
English III  CP or Honors
Religion III
Algebra II  CP or Honors
U.S. History II
Physics  CP or Honors
SAT Prep  One semester English and one semester Math
Physical Education/Health
Personal Finance/Civics
Grade 12:
English IV  CP or Honors
Religion IV
Physical Education/Health
Personal Finance/Civics
Math / Probability & Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Consumer Math
Electives (Choose Three):
  • Film Study
  • AP History
  • AP Biology
  • Engineering
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Creative Writing
  • Literature for the Soul
  • Modern American History