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Immaculate Conception High School salutes our major Pride Gala sponsors: Mr. Kevin Cummings and Investors Bank ($25,000) "In Honor of All Young Lions" ($10,000) The Finnegan Family ($10,000) "Anonymous"  ($10,000) Lawrence '62 and Claire '62 Codey ($5,000) Mr. James Pierson and The Pierson Family Foundation ($5,000) Rodriguez Strategies ($5,000) Stetz, Belgiovine, Manwarren and Wallis, P.C. ($5,000) An Anonymous LION ($5,000)
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Academic Program

Immaculate Conception High School Curriculum (updated July 2020)
Freshman Year                                         
Required Curriculum:                                     
Algebra I (Honors or College Prep)                              
Biology (Honors or College Prep)                                          
English I (Honors or College Prep)
World History 
Religion I
Spanish I
Freshmen Cycle (Geography, Life and Study Skills, PE/Health, Public Speaking)
Sophomore Year
Required Curriculum:
Geometry (Honors or College Prep)
Chemistry (Honors or College Prep)
English II (Honors or College Prep)
U.S. History I
Spanish I
Religion II
Sophomore Cycle (Creative Writing, PE/Driver's Education, Choir, Life and Study Skills)
Junior Year
Required Curriculum:
Algebra II (Honors or College Prep)
Physics (Honors or College Prep)
English III (Honors or College Prep)
U.S. History II
Religion III
SAT Math/English
Spanish II
Physical Education/Driver's Education
Senior Year
Required Curriculum:
Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus Honors, AP Calculus
English IV (Honors or College Prep)
US History III or AP US History
Religion IV
Physical Education/Health IV
Personal Finance
Anatomy and Physiology
AP Biology
Creative Writing
African American History