Tuition 2022-2023

Tuition: $9,800 (includes all fees except a one-time, non-refundable, Registration Fee of $350, yearly Chromebook insurance of $40, a yearly $50 Administrative Fee, a PTA Fundraising Obligation per family of $350 and a Graduation Fee of $225 for Seniors). 


Tuition Discount Policy (Effective 1/1/2022)

Those families paying the following levels of tuition in full before the first day of school, will qualify for a corresponding discount:

Pay $9,000 or more - $500 discount

Pay $8,000-$8,999 - $350 discount

Pay $7,000 - $7,999 - $200 discount

Pay $6,000 - $6,999 - $100 discount


Sibling Discount: Families who already have a child currently enrolled in Immaculate Conception are eligible for a discount for each additional child enrolled.


Montclair Immaculate tuition is managed through Blackbaud Tuition Management  (formerly SMART Tuition). As a partner Montclair Immaculate Families receive:


1.) FLEXIBLE Monthly payment options

2.) Tuition payments are 12 months beginning in July

3.) Mobile app and Website tracking for balances and payments

4.) Email and Text reminders for Auto Debit payments

5.) A wide variety of Credit Card options

6.) Convenient reminders for balances

7.) 24-hour English/Spanish phone support

8.) Live Chat Support from an online account representative


Blackbaud Tuition Management



Blackbaud Tuition Management Coordinator:

Mary Ann DiGiaimo

973-744-7445 ext 15

[email protected]