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President's Message


A Message from the President:


Immaculate Conception High School is a place where dreams come true…not just for our students as they prepare for college but also for their parents.  Principal Michele Neves and I watch this amazing process on a daily basis and that is why we are so passionate about our work here on Cottage Place.  We see a future of faith and achievement in the eyes of these fine young men and women.  But we are not the only ones who recognize the promise of Immaculate students…


"Immaculate Conception High School, through the collaborative efforts of its administration, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and students, have created a Renaissance of learning with a future full of hope!

The Archdiocese of Newark is proud of the accomplishments of the students of Immaculate and their expression of faith

which is evidenced in the service they give to others. 

- Dr. Margaret Dames, Superintendent of Schools


“I am happy to report that Immaculate is thriving.

 The spirit in the building is a joy to behold.”

- Bill Slattery ’57, Chairman, Board of Trustees


“My week at Immaculate was the most inspirational time in my career in education.”   - Abelardo Leston, Chair, Middle States Committee


The Immaculate students of today embrace the traditions of yesterday.  They begin and end their day with prayer.  Respect and kindness are words they live by.  Our Lions proudly represent their school at home, on the playing field, on trips to New York City and to Eva’s Village where they feed hot meals to the homeless.   


The Immaculate legacy, which began in 1925, continues to make dreams come true!


                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Celia Triggs Honohan ‘74