About Us » PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE …. 2021- 2022


Welcome to the 21-22 school year, a year we were not sure we would see! Since
the advent of Covid-19, schools have been turned upside down. Change has been
the order of the day and we have spent much too much time facing screens. In
planning for this special year, we were not sure what shape our students would be
in after many had not been in school since March of 2020. Think of it … our Class
of 2025, the freshman class, were last together when they were in 7 th grade! We
knew early in our planning that we would go without technology for at least the
first two weeks of school. Instead, we got to know our students and they became
acquainted with us, the teaching faculty and staff that is second to none.
With God’s grace and His blessings, our enrollment has grown to a healthy 250.
With that growth came some problems, as well, all of which we have tackled and
solved. The one unmistakable aspect of school life this year is the ABSOUTE JOY
students have in returning to “normal” school. Interacting with each other is
perhaps the most important sign that students were ready to return. Our next
issue is to get all of them in school uniform which is tough since supply chain issues
have impacted our uniform company, Flynn & O’Hara. They are doing their best to
crank out ICHS uniforms; we have gone from having 275 uniform pieces back-
ordered to a mere 80 pieces.
A hallmark of an Immaculate education remains our solid college-prep program.
Our faculty has risen to the challenge and returned invigorated and loaded with
great ideas. The students will benefit greatly from the variety of new courses
offered this year. Indeed, God is good!
I would like to mention all members of our IC family who work tirelessly to make
ICHS the fine school it is. Although unnamed here, they are all listed on this
website and they welcome your email questions, comments and suggestions.
I pray that you and your family are blessed with good health. Our faith mandates
that we pray for one another and for each other’s health, something our students
do daily. May God continue to bless you, your family and the entire Immaculate
Conception family, a family which is approaching its 100 th anniversary in 2025.
Thank you and God bless,
Mrs. Neves, Principal