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Principals Message…. 2021-2022

Dear Interested Students and Families,

I hope this letter finds you and those you love well. I wanted to take a moment of your time to give you a few updates on the transformative changes going on at Immaculate Conception High School in order to best meet the needs of our students for an ever changing world, while still providing the traditional Catholic school values many have come to expect from an institution rich with history and legacy. First and foremost we have begun making a number of updates to our curriculum, including an expansion of the honors programs into the Social Studies and Religion departments, an addition of nearly 10 brand new electives, an extension of our Music programs, and the addition of AP English. Second, in order to provide our students with the most opportunities and resources we have restructured our school model. In this new model there will be a Head of School to manage and direct the entire school community going forward, while a Principal, Dean of Students and Faculty, and Director of Guidance and Counseling will be direct supports to the students and faculty, ensuring a high-quality academic experience. Finally, our expansive student life offerings, including 9 varsity sports, two club level teams with the prospect of becoming varsity teams, a competitive robotics team, and many clubs and activities are key components of the vibrant school community that is at Immaculate.

It is a busy time of year here at Immaculate. Our seniors are finalizing their college plans for next year, and considering many of them have been accepted to a long list of schools they have some difficult choices to make in the weeks ahead. They are guided by our wonderful counseling team who have given them every advantage in the highly selective process of college admissions. Our spring sports are also underway, with boys volleyball, track and field, and softball all amassing a number of wins in just the first few weeks of the season. Check out our website or social media for the schedule and stop by for a game!

I have been blessed to be a member of the Immaculate Community for nearly ten years and I am very excited for the future of the school and for our students. I firmly believe that with the many updates we are making and the changes to the structure of the school we will continue to meet and exceed the needs of our students and the expectations of our families. I would like to personally invite every student reading this letter to spend a day at Immaculate to see what we have to offer and what our small class sizes, vibrant community, and rigorous academic program can do for you. Lion for the Day can be scheduled through Ms. Pineda in the admissions office [email protected] .



Thank you again for your interest in Immaculate and we look forward to our shared future.

Dr. Michael Seeback, Ed.D

Acting Principal/Incoming Head of School

Immaculate Conception High School

[email protected] 

973-744-7445 ext 20