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Tips for Sophomore Year

This is a great year to start considering what you're career interests are. Guidance will be
implementing the second part of the IC Road to Success program allowing all of our 10th grade
students to continue to look into areas of interest and the careers behind them. These activities
are aimed to help each student with their post-secondary planning.

Additionally our 10th grade students will be completely the Road to Success Career Shadow
Experience Project. The CSE Project asks each student to complete an interview with a
professional from a career path of their choosing. The interviews can be done in person, phone or
email. Students are additionally encouraged to ask their professional if they are available for
shadowing. Shadowing may be done at the students and professionals discretion. This important
project continues to allow our 10th grade students to broadening their understanding of their
interest and long term goals.

Some tips to consider when looking into your career interests:
        1) What do you like to do in your free time?
        2) What classes are you most excited to learn from?
        3) What are your strengths? For example, do you like working with others? Do you shine on
            the stage or do you prefer not to enter a career that requires significant public speaking?

*** Remember all 10th grade students will take the PSAT in October***