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College Application

College Application Process

 The Student:

  • Submits the college application by the deadline
  • Tells their counselor they applied BEFORE THE APPLICATION DEADLINE and asks for their materials to be sent-​We won’t know unless you tell us!!
  • Sends their SAT, ACT and/or Subject Tests to each college
  • Provide your counselor with an updated resume to be sent



The Counselor:

  • Sends your High School Transcript
  • Sends your letters of recommendation from your teachers
  • Sends the counselor letter of recommendation
  • Sends your Resume (if you provided one)
  • Sends the School Profile
  • Sends your mid-year grades- this is after marking period two, if a college requests first marking period grades, you need to see your counselor to request this
  • Sends your final transcript to the school you have selected after graduation


The Parent:

  • Completes the FAFSA (as early as October 1)
  • Completes the CSS Profile if required