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Medical Arts Club Attends Live Neurosurgery at Overlook Hospital

On Thursday, March 15, The Medical Arts Club attended a Live Neurosurgery from Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ. They viewed a Multi-Level Laminectomy of L3-L5 with a spinal fusion for a patient who had severe Degenerative Disc Disease.
The surgery involved relief of compression on the nerves of the spine, insertion of eight screws and two rods into the vertebrae of the lower spine, and a fusion procedure. Students were able to ask the surgeon and surgical staff questions throughout the procedure.
Sophomores Shannah Beaublanc and Dominque Smith-Colter asked several questions of the surgeon, including questions related to pre-operative diagnostic testing, post-operative recovery, prophylactic treatment options, and anesthesiology. Seven of the students in attendance witnessed a live kidney transplant last May with the club. Our students truly impressed all the staff and left a lasting impression. Following the surgery, IC students toured the Liberty Science Center.