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Hard As Nails Ministry Visits Montclair Immaculate

You're Amazing! has become the new mantra at Montclair Immaculate after an "amazing" retreat day spent with Justin Fatica and his Hard As Nails ministers. Their message of awakening the world to God's love and power resonated to all of the students and faculty of Immaculate. The day began with some bubble suit fun and games, a team building activity "birdie on a perch" and culminated with a very uplifting and humbling experience with Justin. The message was clear to all in attendance, God's love is everlasting. Students and teachers walked away from the retreat with love in their hearts and the inspiration to continue to serve God as He has called us. Thank you to Justin and his team of ministers...You Truly are AMAZING! 
The Vision of  Hard As Nails:
We are a national Catholic/Christian organization started in 2002. We assist schools, churches, and other organizations in their efforts to introduce people to Jesus, develop individual relationships with Jesus, and cultivate local communities. We are unabashedly Catholic but our ministry seeks to build up all Christian faiths regardless of denomination. We have done programs at Hebron Academy—the largest Evangelical High School in Georgia; Catholic Family land—Apostolate for Family Consecration; Soulfest—the largest Christian music festival in the Northeast (14 years running); and LA Congress—the largest Catholic assembly focused around Religious Education. Our point is, even though we are Catholic, our reach expands to all Christian denominations as we seek to communicate Christ to this hurting generation.