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Sophomores Visit Broadway

The Sophomore Class - Class of 2017 - visited NYC this past week in route to see the critically acclaimed broadway adaptation of the book "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night". The class had read the book in English Class and were very excited for an opportunity to see a live adaption of the story. The day began with lunch at Dallas BBQs, a trip to Time Square to see the the sights and sounds of the city and concluded with an enjoying mid-day play. 

After the play had concluded Alex Sharp, who stars as Christopher Boone, the novel's main character, stopped by to speak with the class about his accomplishments on and off broadway and how he managed to capture Christopher's persona so accurately. 

The sophomores shared their day with faculty members: Ms. Lewis '00, Art and English Teacher, Ms. McMurray '08, Psychology Teacher, Basketball and Volleyball Coach, Mr. Seeback, Science and Technology Teacher, and Mrs. Honohan '74, President of Immaculate Conception. The faculty were delighted by the chance to experience NYC with the students and found the play to be quite entertaining.