COVID-19 Protocols

Immaculate Conception High School protocol is to follow the guidelines we are provided by the local DOH (Montclair). Once the positive case arises Karen Cantine activates the protocols and informs the local DOH and works with their nurse to complete the contact tracing process. The individual who tests positive must then quarantine for five days (the day of the positive test is day 0 and then day one begins the next day) and can only return after five days if they are symptom-free and wear a tight-fitting mask. Then any and all parties who have been deemed a close contact (less than 3 feet apart, no masks, for more than 10 minutes) are notified and tested. Once this is completed we are not permitted to share much more than that, unfortunately, which I know is incredibly frustrating. So the only notification comes when someone has been deemed a close contact and then they would have to proceed based on vaccination (and booster) status. If a student or teacher is exposed, and unvaccinated, they must quarantine for 5 days and produce a negative COVID test to return. If a student or teacher is exposed and is vaccinated, they must self-monitor for symptoms, but they are not required to quarantine. If symptoms arise they must get tested and isolated as listed above.  The protocols are continuously updating so we will continue to update you as those protocols are announced. Please note that a positive test result begins day 0 of the quarantine timeline, this is an updated addendum to the process.